Wednesday, October 3, 2012

James Herriot's Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Tales by the Author of All Creatures Great and Small

Back in the groovy 70's, America fell in love with the warm and wonderful stories of James Herriot, recounting his life as a veterinarian, for farmer's animals and family pets in the English countryside. This collection is tailored for children, and all kids love animals. The writing is engaging, the stories are fascinating, and the message is always caring and sensitive. In addition, the book includes numerous beautifully executed illustrations. A great gift.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Blueberry Pie Elf, by Jane Thayer

Her real name was Catherine Woolley, and she wrote over 80 titles for children, between 1944 and 1989. The whimsical illustrations are by Seymour Fleishman. 

This little story is a classic in the best sense of the word – a tale that will never go out of style, that is fresh with each reading! The hero is a little elf, pointy cap and shoes and all, who loves pie – but not just any kind of pie – blueberry pie! And he lives with a young family, as everyone knows all good elves do, as the bringer of good luck and protection. But he has a problem – his family keeps making the wrong flavor pie!

He determines to let his adopted family know that he needs a blueberry pie – somehow, someway. But how can he tell them? Because elves are invisible and undetectable. As Woolley describes it, “No one can see an elf, or hear an elf, or feel an elf.” So what’s an elf to do? 

Well, he starts by doing a few chores around the house, like making the beds – a tough task for a little guy –  but still, no one notices. He keeps on trying, until at last he finds a way!

The story delivers its simple message in a light, fun, oh so cute way! Your child can identify easily with the plight of the little guy – because isn’t that how a child feels, too, so often? Unheard, unnoticed, and in dire need of a kind, listening ear, to provide for an oh-so-important need?

Out of print for many years, Purple House Press brought back the pie-loving elf in 2008. Enjoy! 

For reading to ages 3 or 4 and up; reading level, advanced first grade and up.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Yellow Butterfly, story & art by N.W.H. Shuman

"Welcome to my world!" A tiny new butterfly awakens inside her cocoon, to hear birds chirping, and see bright spring sunlight flooding thru the paper-thin walls of her winter bed. Time to get up and out, to stretch -- but what is this? Wings instead of legs? Take a fanciful journey into the magical world of butterflies in this beautifully illustrated storybook, for children of all ages.

We all love butterflies, but we often forget that these dear, fragile, little creatures are brave, too -- they have lived as lowly worms, they have listened to Mother Nature's kind words: "rest and trust and seek transformation." They have awakened in the dark, and strived against great odds to break free of the familiar chrysalis -- to fly up and away, into sunshine and blue skies! 

I hope you enjoy my first book, Big Yellow Butterfly, just released and available online at Amazon, or by ISBN order at your nearest bookstore. 

Can be read to ages 5 and up; reading level, advanced second grade and up.